Gratitude 2023

Keeping a gratitude journal is the best habit I maintain. Every day, my gratitude partner, Terri Winfree, and I exchange emails listing five things we are grateful for that day. […]

Gratitude: International Compliment Day


I have mixed feelings about today, February 24, being International Compliment Day. It is meant to celebrate the power of well-deserved compliments. A well-placed compliment can make a person’s day; […]

Gratitude is Great Medicine


November is National Gratitude Month. Gratitude is so much more than giving someone thanks—it’s an emotion that can fill you up and spill over to reach others. Gratitude is the […]

John Maxwell Quote

So often we spend time comparing ourselves to others or focusing on our mistakes or our shortcomings instead of focusing on what’s right and the progress we have made. Many of us set BIG goals for ourselves and that’s as it should be because we are all capable of accomplishing great things. But it can be discouraging if all we do is look forward toward our goal noticing how much work lies ahead instead of occasionally looking behind us at how far we’re come and what has been accomplished along the way.