Teenagers-How to Reduce the Battles

Mother and teenager

As parents, disciplining teenagers can feel like a constant struggle. However, I believe most of the issue lies in how we identify the problems we often perceive as harmful in […]

Discipline, Consequences, and Punishment

Punishment and discipline are often used interchangeably, yet their meanings couldn’t be more different. The Latin root of punishment means “to inflict pain,” while the Latin root of discipline means […]

Helping Kids After Divorce When One Parent Stops Parenting

The ideal divorce is done respectfully, without malice and blame. Throughout the transition, the parents support each other and work together to co-parent their children. If step-parents are introduced, everyone works together to create a unified parenting team. Does this sound like a fantasy to you? Is this not the way your divorce is going? Are your children suffering because your ex has left them in the divorce too? This is not ideal, but there are still things you can do to help your children through this.

School Question & Answer

Q: From a school principal using the principles of InsideOut Empowerment:

Here is the dilemma: A second-grade teacher and I have been attempting to help a second grader improve his behavior in school. He does fairly well in the classroom with the teacher nearby, but when he’s in more unstructured situations (cafeteria, bus, playground, etc.) he makes terrible choices over and over. (He is always watching to see if he can “get away with something.”)

Discipline vs. Punishment – Part II

In my last post, we talked about punishing. Now, instead of punishing, let’s look at what it might be like to teach self-discipline instead. Let’s say your child has a […]

Discipline vs. Punishment – Part I

Do you know the difference between discipline and punishment with their Latin roots? Punishment implies “inflicting pain,” while discipline means “to teach.” Parents who use punishment are missing important opportunities […]