13 Reasons Why Not

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Perhaps you watched the popular Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, in the early seasons, and believe that if you suicide, you’ll be around later to watch the way your death […]



August 18 is National Serendipity Day. Serendipity is defined as the occurrence and development of any events by happenstance in a pleasant or useful way. This day encourages us to […]

Trust is a Choice


We have been taught to believe that trust is a commodity earned by others. Once they have passed certain tests, then we feel safe to extend our trust. In my […]

You Are NOT a Victim

InsideOut Empowerment Principle #10: You are not a victim of anything—not your emotions, your past, other people, circumstances, or your character. Once you learn and practice these principles of InsideOut Empowerment®, you will have the power to take a different path at any moment you choose. You have it now but you will learn to harness its use. In our society especially, there is a lot of benefit in being the victim. We have created a culture where people are no longer responsible for their own actions. Do bad things happen to good people? Of course they do but people are responsible for how they respond to those things.

The Only Person’s Behavior You Can Control is Your Own

The only person’s behavior you can control is your own. Pretty much everyone knows this. It’s not a new concept. However, what do you spend the majority of your time and energy doing every day? That’s right! Trying to change everyone else! Why do we do that? Because if other people change and do the work, then we don’t have to.

Relationship ABCs

When you are in a relationship you value, it is important to subscribe to the ABCs of Relationships, mind your P & Qs and everything else from A to Z.

All Behavior is Purposeful including Stress

Whatever behavior a person engages in is their best attempt to get something he or she wants, even our emotions. We choose our behaviors based on what we believe to be our best chance to get what we want. This is not always a conscious choice, but it is a choice nonetheless. This is not to blame the victim but rather to empower the victim by helping them understand they choose their behavior and so consequently can choose to do things differently if they want to.

Healthy Friendships

Today I thought we’d talk about the friend to friend relationship. Included in this category are healthy intimate relationships, as well. When you are in a friend/friend relationship, external control is practically never external used. If you were to use external control with your friends on a regular basis, you would soon discover you don’t have any.