Aging: Do it actively & with positivity

active aging

I find it somewhat ironic that I discovered this week, October 5-11, is Active Aging Week and it is also the week I turn 60, a decade after receiving my […]

Obliterate Stress during the Pandemic


Well, what do you know—it is Stress Awareness Month in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. What could be more stressful than a crisis with no end in sight? Of […]

Coronavirus: Stages of Grief


I intended to write about something other than coronavirus this week, but as the severity of the situation drastically increased, I feel compelled to write about the reality of most […]

Relationship Problems: It’s Not Personal

It doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m working with someone involved in a relationship or someone who has just left one. When people come to me for help with their […]

Relationship Q & A

Q: I found your site due to arguing with my fiancé once again about his anger. I love him more than anything but he really needs to learn to control […]