Weight Loss from the InsideOut




Would you like to Improve the Unhappy Relationship You Have with FOOD???

  • Create the body you want.
  • Exercise and actually like it.
  • Become conscious about your food decisions.
  • Develop more self-confidence, particularly in social situations.
  • Maintain or improve your overall health and well-being.
  • Establish a better relationship with food. Food is no longer the enemy!
  • Reprogram your mind to a new you mindset.
  • Build a closer relationship with yourself and the important people in your life.

Unfortunately, we all need food to survive and we must learn how to deal with food in our lives if we want to be happy and create the body we want. We can do this by applying Choice Theory. What is Choice Theory? It is a new psychology of personal freedom, an explanation for why you do what you do—no matter what is behind your weight issue, this theory can provide a framework for understanding.

Losing weight is never about the food, it is about what is going on inside—your thoughts and feelings, as well as, how you interpret and act on those thoughts and feelings

How many times have you attempted to lose weight only to gain it and more back again? Are you tired of being on a diet? Wonder what makes this program different? Well, in the first place, it is done in the privacy of your own home at your own pace. You decide when to complete the next lesson.

This eBook does not focus on the number on the scale. It is about what you tell yourself and the habits in which you engage. Most weight loss programs fail because you are still having thoughts and behavior that support your bad habits. This program will help you change that.

You will learn the psychology and physiology about weight loss. You will explore your past successes, your food triggers and the thoughts you tell yourself. You will learn ways to reprogram your mind for long lasting change.

This program can help you become more satisfied when you look in the mirror. You will be able to visualize the end result from the beginning. You will find the right and healthy weight for you and be happy when you achieve and maintain it. You will have more energy and a more positive outlook on life. Give it a try.

One Thing I Know for Sure is that When People Feel Good About Themselves, The Rest of Their Lives Seems so Much Better, Too.


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