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Discover the Secrets of How to Create an Empowered Workforce

  • How would you like to help your employees accomplish their goals?
  • How would you like to help your employees manage their time more effectively?
  • How would you like to provide an environment where you, your managers and their workers are empowered?
  • How would you like your leaders to be more effective?
  • How would you like to improve the overall work environment in your company?
  • How would you like to have better communication between management and the employees?

It seems that every decade or so there is some new fad that runs through the business world in terms of supervision, and in the world of diversity management, downsizing, outsourcing, generational work conflicts and the information age, things are even more complicated than ever before.

No longer does a one size fits all leadership model really work. We can’t treat everyone the same and expect that everything will just “work out” somehow. Managers and leaders must have a framework with which to manage their workers in a way that honors everyone’s unique and specific position on the job.

Empowered Leadership is the way to do just that. Empowered Leadership shares the power between management and the workers, thus empowering both groups. Empowered leadership is based on the teachings of W. Edwards Deming and Dr. William Glasser, both of whom had excellent models to capitalize on the talents and abilities of the workforce for the growth and development of the company.

In this Empowered Leadership e-Book you will learn concrete steps you can take to achieve the results you want. Finally, real answers to creating an environment that empowers your entire workforce, both management and employees. If you want to keep pace with the changing times, now is the time to take action!

Create an empowering and satisfying work environment for you and your employees

Conventional wisdom tells us that when those in power relinquish some of their power by sharing it or giving it to their employees, then they would lose something, when in actually, they gain.

Think about it. When people rule with an iron hand, they generally instill fear in those who work for them. Do you do your best work when you are afraid? I don’t know about you but I will attempt to comply because I want to avoid negative consequences but it certainly won’t be my best work. The absolute best a manager can hope for with coercion is compliance. If compliance is enough, then coercion might work.

When leaders and managers seek to empower their workers, they will gain their loyalty. Workers want to give their supervisor their best when they are listened to and respected. Without fear, their minds can be creative and innovative.

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