Diversity is a subject we all need to talk about. Unfortunately, many diversity programs focus on our differences and create perceptions of a victim group and a bully group, which often puts people on the defensive and consequently, makes them unable to hear the information they need. In this class, we do it differently. Participants have appreciated the nonjudgemental methods used in looking at diversity. The barriers to and elements necessary to have productive conversations around diversity are outlined and discussed.
Participants will:
1. Analyze how perceptions are formed.
2. Differentiate between facts and opinions.
3. Evaluate the pros and cons of behaviors resembling a lion, elephant, horse, chameleon, ostrich, snake and hawk.
4. Plan to close the gap between the person they currently are and the person they want to be.
5. Appraise the barriers to having conversations around difference.
6. Test the four steps of the Diversity Stairway.
7. Formulate the mindset of curiosity and cooperation in challenging conversations.


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