30-hour Academy of Choice Coaching Program

From: $186.34 / month for 12 months

Have you been considering moving into coaching as your next career step? If you are a counselor interested in moving into coaching, our 30-hour program is the place to start. 

Coaching is different from therapy, counseling, mentoring or consulting. It is a discrete skill, designed to ask the client Socratic questions that will lead them to their desired outcomes.  Adding coaching to your skillset can only help you improve and expand your expertise. Our coaching process is about helping people to stop creating their own misery, while giving them the tools to take responsibility for their own happiness and success by putting their time and energy into the things they control, rather than the ones they don’t. This means leading people away from blame, anger, and resentment and into introspection, acceptance and proactivity. Our process demolishes the victim mentality and empowers clients to reach their goals, while creating meaningful relationships in their lives that will support and encourage them along the way.

Our revolutionary process is not just a coaching technique. It becomes a lens through which you learn to view the world, and possibly, a way you choose to live your life. There is application for every area of your life, e.g. relationships, parenting, self-growth, diversity, counseling, teaching, leadership, and goal attainment. The coaches at Academy of Choice live and breathe the concepts of our revolutionary coaching process—showing, not just telling you, how to move from an ordinary life to an extraordinary one. You will apply the concepts in your own life as you learn to use them with your clients. It has the potential to be a transformational experience for you as you learn to live your life according to the principles of Mental Freedom. Many people casually talk about change coming from within but our process shows you step-by-step how to do that so you can live it and then show others the way.

Even if you already have been coaching, our revolutionary coaching process can help you take your skills to a new level in helping your clients increase their Mental Freedom while taking control of their life.

Our 30-hour program was specifically designed with therapists, coaches, and counselors in mind. Whether you want to work through the program at your own pace, or attend an intensive in-person session, we are confident that this program will enhance your practice and give you the skills you need to move into coaching.




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Virtual, In-Person, Online

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In-person: November 6-10, 2023 (9am-4pm CDT) – part 2 of 60-hour program, Online-work at your own pace, Virtual on Zoom-November 6-10, 2023

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12 Month Plan, 3 Month Plan, 6 Month Plan, Pay in Full


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