In this episode, I interview Shruti Tekwani about what her life was like as a sibling to someone with a disability. One word she used to describe it was lonely. There are so many things that people with so-called “normal” childhoods would never have to consider. Parents’ attention is always taken up with the child with the disability. Simply leaving the house can be an ordeal. Your life is quite different from your friends and so many other things. If you’d like to learn more about what life is like for sibs of a person with a disability, Shruti shares candid conversation about love, commitment and challenges. If you would like to speak with her further, her email address is Shruti belongs to organizations designed to support sibs, as they call themselves, as they process their journeys and deal with the myriad of emotions they experience but don’t often get to talk about or process: the Massachusetts Sibling Support Network at and the Sibling Support Project at

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