Almost from the time they are conceived, children are involved in an inherent conflict with their parents—parents are trying to keep their children safe, while children are trying to meet their other needs for connection, significance, freedom and joy. Many parents somehow believe negotiating with their children, someone lessens their power but the reverse is true. Parents need to figure out what they want in the long run and develop the patience and willingness to give up what they want right now, in favor of getting what they really want later. Negotiation is the vehicle to getting there. If you’ve listened to other podcasts, then you know people are driven by their five basic needs. Everyone has these needs. It’s crucial for parents to get their needs met but it’s just as crucial for children to meet theirs. Because they are children, parents can create a challenging environment for children to get their needs met which can lead to two outcomes—an overly compliant child who will do what anyone asks them to do or a rebellious child seeking out unsafe ways to meet their needs. Negotiation is the way through these challenging times. Listen in to learn how. #parenting #parentingtips #kimolver #therelationshipcenter

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