Diet Resolution Week: 13 Tips for Success

diet resolution

The first week of January has been dubbed Diet Resolution Week. Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions, along with eating healthier and getting fit. In […]

Safety and Security and Self-Care

Practicing self-care starts with getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating healthy and exercising often, but it goes far beyond that. From a Choice Theory® perspective, self-care involves making sure […]

The Psychology of Weight Loss

weight loss

There are all kinds of information available about weight loss. If people have access to this information, then why is losing weight so difficult? For those of us who have […]

Weight Loss Q & A

Q: Why do I love food so much?

A: It isn’t that you love food as much as it’s that you’re not in touch with your soul (not sole) reason for wanting to eat differently. Food has one purpose . . . to provide food for your body. When you expect it to do more, calm you, soothe you, love you then you are having an unhealthy relationship with food.

The Relationship Center

Do you want to lose weight? Having trouble communicating with your partner? Are you and your child at odds? Wondering why you and your co-worker just can’t get along? Every wonder what the big deal is about diversity? Want to reach your goals in 2012? If any of these are true about you, The Relationship Center can help.

The Relationship Center

The Relationship Center is changing its look and combining some other websites to serve it’s customers better. It will not be a one-stop shop for anything related to relationships–relationships at home, relationships at work, and even one’s relationship with self. Come check us out!

4 1/2 Ways to Change a Habit

There are 4 1/2 ways to change a habit. Learn what they are and apply one or more to the changes you are trying to make in 2012.

Lose the Weight You Want Forever

How many times have you attempted to lose weight only to gain it and more back again? Are you tired of being on a diet? Wonder what makes this program […]

Weight Loss Q&A

Q: How does a person stay motivated to continue on a weight loss path after working the program for a few months? A: This is an excellent question. Commonsense tells […]